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Alabama Chapter CCIM Scholarship

Named endowed scholarships honor those who have shown great dedication, commitment, outstanding achievement and service to the commercial real estate industry. With this scholarship, the Alabama CCIM Chapter will award an annual recipient with $1,000 toward the reimbursement of tuition.

Please email our Scholarship Chair, Terri Dean, CCIM, at with any questions you have in regards to our chapter scholarships.

The Alabama CCIM Chapter serves as the focal point for quality education, networking and market services for the commercial investment real estate specialist in Alabama, by offering resources enabling the commercial investment practitioner to deliver superior service to clients and customers. For more information about the Alabama CCIM Chapter visit

CCIM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of CCIM Foundation is to advance and foster commercial real estate education through scholarships, programs and initiatives. CCIM Foundation has been granting scholarships to deserving students and real estate professionals since 1988. Scholarship programs are designed to encourage and assist professionals pursuing the CCIM designation and to promote high education standards. For more information about CCIM Foundation, visit or call 312-321-4491.


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  • What are your contributing achievements to your company and/or industry?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Would you take the course even if the scholarship were not available and why?
  • What is your personal experience, training and/or internship in Real Estate?

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