Committees /Get Involved

As a CCIM designee, you have the opportunity to be participate the Alabama Chapter Executive Committee or one of our many standing committees. Here is the list of positions and a brief description of each.


The President:

The Chapter President is the chief executive officer of the Chapter, appoints all Committee Chairs and members, with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee, presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees. President Elect: The President Elect shall be responsible for overseeing all Standing Committees as directed by the President and Board of Directors. Should the President resign or be unable to complete the term of office, the President Elect will assume that office. The President Elect shall oversee committee expenditures and make certain they stay within their budget and/or make requests on behalf of the committee for additional funding when necessary.

Vice President:

The Vice President shall be responsible for overseeing the District President(s) as directed by the President and the Board of Directors. This role is also responsible for the North Alabama and Central Alabama Market Symposiums


The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, safekeeping and disbursement of all Chapter funds, and is responsible for preparation of budgets, maintaining complete records of all financial transactions of the Chapter, reviewing periodic financial reports and collection of all dues. This person shall be responsible for maintaining all records, conducting correspondence and submitting various reports as required, specifically including membership records, Chapter meeting reports, correspondence files and reports, and file maintenance. They are also responsible for completing a successful transition to the following year’s Treasurer.

District President:

The District President shall be responsible for operating their respective districts as directed by the President, the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Chapter.

District Vice President:

This person shall learn the responsibilities of the District President by assisting the District President in fulfilling the duties of the office. At the end of the term, the District Vice President shall be automatically considered for the office of District President for the following year.



Responsible to coordinate and implement courses and seminars. Seeks timely, relevant topics and interesting speaker ideas; coordinates and plans all Educational events.


Works towards fundraising goals for the Chapter’s successful scholarship program. Also oversees the solicitation of applicants, the selection process, and the awarding of the CCIM and Named Scholarships available to the Chapter.


Plans and promotes our major membership meetings and local networking events throughout the year. Selects and secures speakers for all relevant programs. Assists Co-Chairs in outlying markets create networking opportunities.

Newsletter /Technology:

A new combined role for 2014 requiring the review and maintenance of the Chapter website functionality and suggests new innovative technologies for use by our members. This committee chair will also advise and assist with the gathering of articles and prepares information for quarterly newsletter.


Recruits new members, promotes retention of existing members, and promotes CCIM involvement. Works with and supports Co-Chairs of geographies outside Birmingham (Huntsville, Montgomery) in helping to promote CCIM and build membership.


Monitors and reports legislative issues statewide and other government entities focused on the commercial real estate industry.

Candidate Guidance:

Provides a mentoring program for our candidates covering both coursework and portfolios through workshops, classes, and one-on-one guidance.


Promotes the Alabama Chapter CCIM programs and events through the media and general public; works with various media outlets to secure and negotiate pricing and contracts for ads and marketing.

Designee Promotion:

Promotes the CCIM designation and brand throughout the industry, the media, and the general public. Focus on creative new ways to build CCIM brand recognition using social media and print. Expand branding opportunities and options.


Seeks new sponsors and retains existing sponsors for the Chapter and its programs; additional attention assisting the new District obtaining new sponsors. Remind and educate sponsors of the benefits of supporting CCIM and best practices for maximizing their sponsorship dollars.

Special Projects:

Supports, organizes and plans special projects/event through-out the year that help support and maintain the Chapter’s viability and support the strategic mission of the Chapter.

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