Why Offices Aren’t Going Away

Why Offices Aren’t Going Away

On 02, Feb, 2017

With so many people working from locations outside the office, and with the accessibility offered by the prevalence of the Internet, people are starting to ask a very logical question: Do we really need offices anymore? Or are they a thing of the past, a relic of ancient working America that’s joined the ranks of floppy disks and rotary-dial phones?

Here at CCIM Alabama, we firmly believe that offices aren’t only necessary, they’re actually beneficial. Let’s look at 3 of the biggest reasons people say offices are a thing of the past – and our responses to why they’re very much a part of our future.

“Offices are too expensive.”

It’s true that office space is typically a company’s 2nd or 3rd largest expense. The argument can be made that working from home is more cost-effective – but this isn’t always the case.

First of all, the great majority of positions at a company are not suitable for working off-site. While some positions may lend themselves to this arrangement, most do not – especially when it comes to the issue of client confidentiality. Additionally, when people have a dedicated workspace that is not their home, they are generally much more productive at work because they are not distracted by house or family issues – and face-to-face collaboration with coworkers is often necessary to get the job done.

“The commute is a barrier to productivity.”

Driving to work does take up time, especially if you live far from your office. But the issue of a productivity-hindering commute can be solved with a little creative planning. If you leave 15 minutes earlier than usual, you’ll be shocked at how different the traffic patterns are – and what a difference it can make in your arrival time.

“Less office time means more work-life balance.”

If your work-life balance is too heavy on the work side, does that necessarily mean that the office is to blame? Probably not, seeing as you’d have the same amount of work to do from home even if you weren’t at the office as much – and you may not have the people or resources at your disposal to do that job as efficiently.

So, Is the Office Really Dead?

We certainly don’t think so! Office space provides a focused work environment, collaboration with coworkers, a dynamic social atmosphere, and centralized technological resources that just can’t be found at home. Plus, with the emergence of mixed use developments, the work-life balance is more within reach than it ever has been.

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