Moving Up in Commercial Real Estate: The Benefits of Education

Moving Up in Commercial Real Estate: The Benefits of Education

On 01, Jun, 2017

Commercial real estate is a wonderful business to be in, especially around thriving cities like Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville. There are transactions happening all the time, which means constant work! However, with plenty of work comes plenty of competition. So how do commercial real estate investment agents set themselves apart? Taking classes to further your education, build connections, and bolster your reputation is a great way to distinguish yourself from those around you!


Education is important for any career. The more knowledge you have, the further your career will go. Taking classes to further your expertise not only shows initiative, it gives you answers where you once had questions. Expanding your understanding on user decisions, investments, market and financial analysis, and more will make your commercial real estate experience much smoother and more successful.

Worried about the cost? Institutions like CCIM offer plenty of scholarships for aspiring agents! Even without a scholarship, the income boost that can come from having a designation is more than enough motivation for most.


A major part of real estate education is the people you meet in the process. Teachers, sponsors, speakers, alumni, and former students will all become valuable connections in the future, and becoming a CCIM designee is a great way to meet more people. Executive committee members include directors, principals, and leaders of major companies. Every year, a membership directory is released that allows CCIMs to see their fellow members and the leadership of their state chapter. There are even specific events planned to introduce you to leaders in your area that can only come through these programs (they also happen to be pretty fun!).


No matter the career, today’s job market is full of competition. How do you make your name stand out? Having a respected designation like CCIM puts you in a whole new category compared to others around you. It shows that you work hard, and you know more and have more experience than your competition.

Let CCIM Boost Your Career

CCIM (Certified Commercial Investor Member) offers an education that allows you to understand and apply every part of an investment. Those with the CCIM designation annually average over 42% more transactions than the average brokerage specialist, and only the top 6% of commercial real estate agents can claim the title of CCIM. We are the premier institution for providing crucial information, thousands of connections, and increased professional standing. Contact us for more information.

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