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Why Are Businesses Moving Back to the City?

On 03, Aug, 2017

Recent years have seen a strong trend of businesses moving back to cities. In Alabama, and across the nation, it seems that the number of companies moving downtown is increasing by the day. What used to be seen as run-down and hopeless has become cool and full of potential. While we certainly support this movement, …

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Increasing Your Network to Increase Your Net Worth

On 20, Jul, 2017

Whether we like it or not, networking and real estate are two inseparable forces. There are few industries that rely so heavily on networking. In order to be successful, real estate agents truly have to master talking the talk and walking the walk. This means that knowing the best ways to meet new, influential people …

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Huntsville Business Scene Heats Up!

On 06, Jul, 2017

Huntsville has long been associated with specific businesses, NASA being the first that comes to mind for most. While these industries are still relevant in today’s Huntsville, there has been a sharp increase all across the business board in recent years. From technology to food and entertainment, Huntsville, and its surrounding counties, is becoming a …

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Moving Up in Commercial Real Estate: The Benefits of Education

On 01, Jun, 2017

Commercial real estate is a wonderful business to be in, especially around thriving cities like Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville. There are transactions happening all the time, which means constant work! However, with plenty of work comes plenty of competition. So how do commercial real estate investment agents set themselves apart? Taking classes to further your …

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