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Resilience vs. Yields: Which Is More Important in Commercial Real Estate?

On 02, Mar, 2017

Considering modern factors like urbanization, social unrest, and climate change, commercial real estate investors can’t always expect to use traditional metrics for determining investment risk if they want a picture of the situation as a whole. Instead, proactive investors are starting to think more about resilience – how well a city bounces back after disaster. …

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Why Offices Aren’t Going Away

On 02, Feb, 2017

With so many people working from locations outside the office, and with the accessibility offered by the prevalence of the Internet, people are starting to ask a very logical question: Do we really need offices anymore? Or are they a thing of the past, a relic of ancient working America that’s joined the ranks of …

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Think Commercial Real Estate Doesn’t Matter? Think Again!

On 19, Jan, 2017

Commercial real estate has a tremendous influence on the surrounding community, especially in areas that are impoverished and pursuing revitalization. From a positive economic influence to literally transforming entire communities, the commercial real estate market is a key asset to real and lasting community growth and change. Let’s delve into commercial real estate’s ability to …

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3 Real Estate Apps for 2017

On 05, Jan, 2017

It’s 2017! These days, we can access almost anything directly from our smartphones. The real estate industry is not a day behind. In fact, there are countless apps available that can make your career life more convenient in no time. Here are three real estate apps we have found to be quite helpful at CCIM. …

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